The menu at the Chameleon: If it works with BBQ sauce or mayo, we sell it! I wish. We do have a substantial menu though. No, not one of those massive menus with every single possible dish you can think of, definitely not! We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner that include: sandwiches, salads, light meals, pizza, steak, dessert, cakes, hot beverages, alcoholic drinks and a wonderful selection of local wines. We do not serve a specific cuisine or style. Over the years we observed and listened to our locals and adopted our own style, the Chameleon way! We like to call it BFC – Boere French Cuisine, which basically translates to: a decent portion of wow food!

Breakfast is served from 7h30 until 15h00. On Saturdays from 8h30 and on Sundays we start at 9h30.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

We have a fantastic breakfast selection. The Sunrise Breakfast starting at only R25 to e.g. the hearty full breakfast or Salmon Benedict in the R60’s. Breakfast priced between R38 and R89.  You are welcome to download the menu: Cafe Chameleon Menu


Light Meals: ‘a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ light meals, easy meals, starters or comfort food – very popular meals that no menu can go without. Typical meals include: Burgers, nacho’s, wraps or the famous Salmon Rosti.

Easy meals

100 % Beef burger – Chips and Mushroom Sauce

Priced between R35 – R70. You are welcome to download a full menu here Cafe Chameleon Menu

Salads & Sandwiches: Our fresh produce is delivered daily. Not typically one of those salads (or sandwiches) that over delivers on presentation and under delivers on taste. Nope, these meals come highly recommended!

Broccoli and Cashew Salad

Broccoli and Cashew Salad

Meals in this category are priced between R50 and R80. Would you like to see what we offer? Download our menu: Cafe Chameleon Menu  

Pizza: Thin base, wood fired! If you like the ring of that, keep on reading. This is without a doubt one of the Chameleon’s draw cards. We will go as far as branding our pizzas the best in town!

Pizza Milano

Pizza Milano

Our pizzas are available in medium and large and well worth the R42 – R99. See our full pizza menu including the gourmet pizzas: Cafe Chameleon Menu 

Dinner: At the Chameleon we have a menu full of hearty meals, whether for a romantic dinner, family meal or business get-together. Our chefs are brilliant and this evident in the presentation, texture and flavours of each meal. Our dinner menu is a fantastic example of our so called BFC meals (See top of page for details). Complimenting our main meals are the monthly special meals – these meals are not on the menu but your knowledgeable waiter will tell you all about them. Examples of these meals are Ribs and Chips, Veal, Lamb Curry or a Trio of Seafood (below)

Seafood Trio - Linefish, Calamari and Prawns

Seafood Trio – Linefish, Calamari and Prawns

Our main meals on average are between R60 and R120. The side orders are included in the price. Want to see more? Feel free to download our full menu: Cafe Chameleon Menu

Dessert & Cakes: Perfect way to end your day. Our cakes are simply divine and lots of special attention is given to the dessert menu. Imagine Créme Brulee or a Chocolate Nougat Delight. Dom Pedro’s and Irish Coffees… of course!

Chocolate Mocca Cake at Chameleon

Desserts and Cakes at the Chameleon

Desserts and Cakes are priced between R25 and R45 and you are welcome to download a full menu here: Cafe Chameleon Menu

Beverages: Now what will any restaurant be without a decent selection of beverages? Yip, hot beverages, soft drinks, beers, wine and more. We are fully licensed.

Beverage, Alcohol and Wine

Beverage, Alcohol and Wine

It is our objective to compile a carefully selected range of quality affordable wine, offering you a winelist that will cater for any occasions.  We also need to pay the rent, so we do allow corkage and only charge R19.50 per bottle. But see for yourself, download our beverage list here: Wine List | Beverages and other drinks  |  Cocktails